Consumer Products and Wearable Devices

Greenhouse Light Controller

We defined the product architecture including components selection to meet very tight BOM cost requirement and delivered tested product.
Customer was able to take it to volume production straight away from prototype.

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Advertisement Display

We defined the product architecture for a scalable design and prepared a quick proof of concept demonstration unit in targeted time frame which can be used for outdoor advertising.

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Mobile Charger and Charger Station

Mobile Charger:

We worked with customer from concept stage and helped in defining product features and architecture for economically viable design for high volume production.

Charger Station:
We helped the customer to deliver a working design in a short timeline and fixed design issues to meet customer requirement.

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LED Driver & Control Board

The customer is a big gaming display manufacturer . They are specialized in making gaming and advertising displays in unique shapes and sizes.
Customer wanted custom LED display controller in a very short timeline. We delivered the prototypes within five weeks and it worked straight away on power up. Classic example of our “First time right” philosophy.

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Smart Watch

Client was looking for a partner to get quick proof of concept for trade-show and then convert the concept to production ready watch. We delivered the prototype in a short time and supported the customer final design and production including setting up testing process.

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