Smart Home

Home Automation Gateway

We worked with customer to define the home automation controller solution for interfacing to various off-the-shelf devices with various wireless technologies.

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Wireless Antenna Positioning System

Customer was facing challenge in maintaining wireless connectivity on moving platforms. We made a proof of concept solution to align the antenna to master device to maintain signal strength for continuous wireless connectivity on moving platforms.

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HMI Display by Glide

HMI Display

This product is developed by GLIDE for licensing to customers for volume production.
The hardware architecture is based on low cost ARM Cortex-M4 controller with all standard I/O interfaces for very easy custom application development.

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Telecom Test Automation Equipment

The customer is specialized in remote monitoring of telecom infrastructure.
We worked with customer for firmware development for different models and maintaining the product for more than 2 years.

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Protocol Converter

The customer is a manufacturer of industrial automation products.
The product was designed to replace existing product with newer generation processor and unique features for energy management.

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