Hardware Design Services

From defining Architecture to Manufacturing Support

GLIDE delivers top-notch hardware design solutions that enable clients to bring their ideas to life and create a successful product configured for the long haul.

From designing a system to finding the right partner to manufacture the product utilizing the best hardware components, we at GLIDE tackle every challenge for our clients and deliver best in class hardware solutions.

We help you from the very inception of the idea and stay with you throughout the implementation. We ensure that the best components are selected for your product and handpick each one for you.

Hardware selection services

GLIDE ensures that the top grade processors, microchips and other hardware components are selected to manufacture your products.

We handpick every component that goes into manufacturing your products. Our team of hardware experts selects the most suitable components, right from the processor platforms to the microcontrollers; we make sure you have the best. We understand the importance of quality hardware and deliver top notch hardware solutions to meet your requirements.

We create hardware solutions that are built for the long haul and help our clients with

  • Feasibility analysis and component selection
  • BoM optimization and estimation
  • Power and performance optimization
  • Enclosure and casing design
  • Aesthetics and Usability

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